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Hotronic Heat Socks Surround Comfort High Fives

Hotronic Heat Socks Surround Comfort High Fives

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This limited-edition High Fives Heat Sock features the proven construction of the Heat Sock Surround Comfort but with the High Fives Foundation name, colors, and logo. As an added bonus, a portion of every sale will go directly to High Fives to support empowering individuals through life-changing positivity. This heat sock for a cause will interface with any HOTRONIC XLP battery (sold separately) to provide hours of comfort in the cold.


With graduated compression, Merino wool composition, anatomical fit features, and a Surround Heating Element, the HOTRONIC High Fives Surround Comfort PFI 50 Heat Sock offers a cushioned, performance sock that warms both the top and bottom of toes.

  • Special limited edition High Fives sock
  • $5.00 from every sale goes to the High Fives Foundation
  • Moisture is wicked away from feet to promote warmth
  • Surround Heating Element envelopes the toes
  • Compression: soft – PFI 50, 10 – 15 mmHg, promotes circulation and speeds recovery
  • Thin, comfortable merino sock suitable for all footwear
  • Material: 74 % nylon, 20 % lycra / spandex, 6 % merino
  • Heat sock only, power sets must be purchased separately

Pair the High Fives Heat Sock with all available HOTRONIC power sets, purchased separately. For the ultimate in comfort, longevity, and convenience, pair these socks with the XLP 2P BT Power Set. If you are looking for a for a smaller package or price point that still has the convenience of Bluetooth, pair these socks with the XLP 1P BT Power Set. Or forgo the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity altogether for the manually operated XLP 1P battery set.

HIGH FIVES focuses on preventing life-changing injuries and provides resources and hope if they happen. With a goal of creating a universal shift in adventure sports that expands what is possible for those who have faced life-changing injuries, HIGH FIVES is working with Hotronic to both raise money to help support recovery efforts and provide all those in need with the best heated products on the market.

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