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High Fives Non-Profit Foundation

Zirkel Optics Resilience Hoody; Art by Jim Harris

Zirkel Optics Resilience Hoody; Art by Jim Harris

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 About the Collaboration

As an independently owned pioneer in the optical industry, we are committed to redefining the boundaries between performance and sustainability. Our mission: To lead a transformative movement in sports eyewear that places sustainability and technological breakthroughs at its core.  Zirkel redefines expectations, integrating state-of-the-art technology with a steadfast commitment to preserving the environment.

While innovation and sustainability are two key tenants in our mission, the third is community. That is why our first drop is a community effort with artist Jim Harris benefiting the high fives foundation. 

Together with Jim 25% of each sale will be donated to High Fives Foundation. High Fives was a crucial piece in Jim's recovery and independence. They continue to do amazing work bringing resources and hope to others who sustain spinal cord injuries.

High fives foundation X Jim Harris X Zirkel Optics because everyone should see the summit. 

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